About Company


Experience from generation to generation

Late Mr. Haji Arman Ali was a farmer and had a small cottage industry of Hand knotted carpets where all the neightbour villagers worked, to supply the local market in India. In the decades from the fourtees until the seventees, his son Mr. Abdul Sattar grown and learned a lot in that stimulating environment, and took the charge by his father founding the firm "Nuzrat Carpet Emporium" in 1982.

Over the years, the company introduced and manufactured many new techniques and items under the leadership of Mr. Abdul Sattar, becoming one of the best Indian firms in the field of manufacturing and exports of hand made carpets & rugs.

Now the company is run by the third generation under the leadship of Mr. Raju Ansari and Mr. Shah Alam, both grand sons of Haji Arman Ali and sons of Mr. Abdul Sattar.

Care & Fair

We continue our efforts to promote the social and economic health of the people involved in the rug manufacturing process.

All NCE Rugs carry the “Care and Fair’ label, ensuring all our rugs are independently certified as child-labor-free rugs. The fees NCE pay to be a part of Care and Fair and its certification program.

Our Policy

Nuzrat Carpet Emporium is a family firm, well reputed as best manufacturer & exporter. The company makes all kind of hand made carpets & rugs. In our company, Mr. Raju & Mr. Shah Alam are well experienced and skilled like the weavers, so they can look after the work personally.

This feature, added to the direct and daily contact with the customers, improves quality, cooperation and innovation.

Moreover, it grants more flexibility to the customers from designing to despatching of goods until their final destination.

Our company always makes innovative and high end quality products.We have all the necessary infrastructures for an efficient air, courier or sea shipment to every part of the World. Our customers are whole sellers, distributors, retail chain stores, retailers, architects, interior designers, hotels, restaurants, government buildings, private individuals.

Since its foundation, our firm had a wide range of products made in wool, linen, silk, cotton, leather, hemp, cotton, wood, acrylic, polypropylene etc.

Now, under the leadership of Mr. Raju & Mr. Shah Alam, the company has broadened its collection adding new products: Furniture, cushion, pouf and many other kind of other home accessories.